The concept of Cyberbacker originally started and was first implemented in The Good Life Group, a real estate company of our CEO Craig Goodliffe. Craig believes that equal opportunities should be given and great talents can be found from anywhere on the globe.

Cyberbacker was established in January of 2018 with the goal of partnering great individuals with clients who share the same values and characters. We believe that like-minded individuals working towards the same goals or business have the highest capacity for growth.

Cyberbacker aims to provide premium and world-class services to its partners. Today, in just the span of four years, we are servicing 3500+ and growing, delighted and satisfied clients.


To empower growth-minded, emerging business owners with world-class, economical leverage to fulfill their greatest purpose


To become the largest online service company in the world.


Core Values


Cyberbacker believes that the connections between people are priceless. Building and strengthening relationships between partners and peers create the foundation of an unshakeable bond.


The secret to success is to keep moving forward. In financial situations, relationships, or your career, continuous growth is essential to enriching the lives of everyone.


One can never be fulfilled without having some fun times to enrichen your life. We at Cyberbacker keep our sense of fun intact as these moments are the things that truly make people feel alive.


Guiding Cyberbackers through life with financial literacy is important. The successes every person can achieve comes from their own strengths is always a step forward to the continuous growth of a Cyberbacker.