Craig Goodliffe

Before working remotely with Cyberbacker, I worked in a call center in the Philippines. The jobs available at the centers were hours away from where I lived. I could only see my children on the weekends and had no work/life balance. I missed birthdays, holidays, and many memorable “firsts” with my children. But I learned a lot from working in the call center too, these learnings will be cherished forever.

When I began working as a cyberbacker for Cyberbacker, I quickly realized that their structure that promoted a “rapid counterbalance” work-life fed organizational success and the success of their people.

In August 2018, I was promoted to Director of Operations for Cyberbacker. In May 2019, I became President of the company. I credit my persistence, the ability to surround myself with great people, and the equal and diverse makeup of the company for my rise to the top leadership position.

Craig Goodliffe


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