Shiela Mie Legaspi

From working in a call center in the Philippines to becoming the President of Cyberbacker, this young Filipina reminds us that despite the challenges and sacrifices, hope and determination can lead us to places we only dared to dream about.

Shiela Mie is a mom and a wife. Before Cyberbacker, she missed most birthdays, holidays, and milestones in her children’s lives. She promised herself that she would find a way to give them a better future and ensure she could be there for those irreplaceable moments.

Her promotion to Director of Operations and then to President of Cyberbacker after a year is a narrative of unwavering persistence, the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive and visionary individuals, and the strength of diversity and equality.

Because of Cyberbacker and her leadership, she’s been helping provide jobs to thousands of Filipinos, impacting lives and securing a future for their families.

Shiela exemplifies that it’s possible to reach for the stars and grasp them, to turn dreams into reality, and to have it all—a fulfilling career and precious moments with loved ones. 


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