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A Cyberbacker Ambassador’s Journey from Challenge Entries to Celebrating the Crown

An ambassador’s journey is one of dedication, hard work, and perseverance. It starts with the challenges where individuals set a goal and work to achieve it as the competition can be fierce with demanding requirements. The hard work begins as the candidates focus on training and preparation, putting in countless hours to perfect their skills and make sure they are ready.


As the competition draws near and preparation days are almost up the tension and anticipation peak. The candidates know that everything they’ve prepared for will be put to the test, and they must stay focused and determined.


“The first thing that came to my mind was the charity I would choose. When I learned that this contest is an advocacy-driven competition, I never thought twice about submitting my application. I told myself that this would be a great opportunity for me to showcase my skills, to share my advocacy regarding Human Rights Education, and to extend the company’s generosity through a meaningful ambassador search contest.” Reyn P., Cyberbacker Ambassador 2022


Finally, the competition arrives, and the candidates step onto the virtual stage, ready to showcase their skills and abilities. They present themselves with grace and poise, impressing the judges and audience alike.


Reyn says, “My CB Ambassador highlight was during my visit to Hablon Dawani Center, where I filmed my advocacy video. That was when I realized that my advocacy in life was indeed relevant. Hablon Dawani Center comprises women and children victims of sexual violence and harassment. Because of these children, I became more dedicated and passionate about winning the competition since my victory would also mean theirs. I want to give them hope and light that, despite their chaotic past, there is someone like me who’s willing to make a stand and fight for their rights.”


A takeaway in this journey is that Cyberbacker doesn’t just take good care of its people but also extends its generosity, love, and care toward others. Reyn is grateful that she could use her capabilities and passion in pageantry to make a little difference in the community. Because of this title, she has become willing to be a good representative and role model of the company—someone who will not only promote and offer job opportunities for all but also someone who advocates for change. 


As the results are announced, Reyn celebrates as she is crowned the winner. This moment represents the culmination of all the hard work she put in and is a true testament to the strength and determination of a cyberbacker. But it doesn’t end there. Being an ambassador is also a huge responsibility. Reyn will be representing the values and reputation of Cyberbacker, inspiring others with her work and experience.


“For me, winning is not being able to defeat others. It is about doing things with purpose and mission. So, whenever you receive comments like “Oh, you’re winning in life,” it only means that you’re doing what you love and what you are passionate about,” Reyn shares.


Reyn’s reign involves overcoming challenges, pushing through obstacles, and achieving success. It is a journey that requires a great deal of hard work and dedication, but the rewards are well worth it.

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A Cyberbacker Ambassador’s Journey from Challenge Entries to Celebrating the Crown

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