Cyberbacker Experience, All-Expense-Paid Trip to the USA

A Cyberbacker Experience: Boosting Company Morale with an All-Expense-Paid Trip to the USA

Cyberbacker has been bringing people to the USA on an all-expense-paid trip for quite some time now. It has been an opportunity that most cyberbackers dream of, but for KL, a careerbacker at Cyberbacker, it has become a reality. “I feel honored because I have only been with Cyberbacker for a year when it was announced, so it felt as if it was my anniversary gift from the leadership group,” Cyberbacker KL shares.


When asked about her trip, KL beamed with excitement as she recounted the highlights of her experience. For her, the trip was exhilarating. “My favorite part about it would be playing games with Craig, my colleagues, and the franchise owners. It brings out the kid in us while maintaining professionalism throughout the day,” she said.


The trip was not just a chance for KL to explore a new country and attend events and activities that Cyberbacker is involved in but also a valuable opportunity for her personal and professional growth. It was indeed a new perspective on life and work. “I got so much content out of it where I can show how happy it is to be in this company. I felt the growth with making new friends and knowing we are as present in real life as online,” KL says. The trip gave her a chance to step back and reflect on what she wants to achieve in her career and how she can make a positive impact in the world.

KL’s trip also positively impacted her perspective on Cyberbacker, which is how the company truly honors its core values (Relationship, Growth, Fun, and Wealth). The Cyberbacker US Operations, the host of the Filipino cyberbackers, made it a point to make them feel so much at home. “The whole trip was filled with events and activities where I was able to mingle with everyone. In fact, we are now all friends on Facebook and are still very much connected,” shares KL. “I didn’t feel any cultural differences during the work trip. But, I made sure I was always ready and early for anything,” she adds.


Being back and getting to share her experiences with cyberbackers and the community of aspiring cyberbackers, KL is now more ready and equipped to back up Cyberbacker’s reward and benefits system on free trips and personal and professional growth experience in the USA. “It really is a game changer with how I perceive the company in a positive light. It makes me look forward to more incentives like this,” KL says.


The trip definitely had a lasting impact on her. “Since I returned, it makes me feel more valued as a cyberbacker and more confident within my role knowing that I got to meet the leadership group in the company,” she said. With a renewed sense of purpose and direction, there is a certain hint of excitement about where her career will take her next. It shows how Cyberbacker made it possible for her and anyone who could be next.

Cyberbacker believes offering opportunities like this to their people is key to fostering a positive work culture and promoting professional growth. It has long been a company that prioritizes people over profit. They make sure cyberbackers feel valued and invested in. When the company’s people are happy and motivated, it benefits everyone.


KL’s all-expense-paid trip to the USA was a life-changing experience that gave her valuable personal and professional growth opportunities. “If you are offered the trip, say YES! It’s a chance of a lifetime, and who knows what adventures you might have during the trip?” It reminded her of the importance of investing in oneself and taking advantage of the opportunities that come our way. Let Cyberbacker make it happen for you.

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Cyberbacker Experience, All-Expense-Paid Trip to the USA

A Cyberbacker Experience: Boosting Company Morale with an All-Expense-Paid Trip to the USA

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