An Open Letter to a College Graduate

Hey you,


Congratulations! I want to let you know how proud I am of you and your achievements. You are a gift, eager and alive, ready to take on the world. You are so focused on your future and an enthusiastic one at that. Never lose your sense of wonder and use it as a compass to guide you onward.

It’s not the end and it’s not even the beginning of anything yet. Graduating from college may make you feel sad and scared, but you should remember that this is the next step in life you need to take. The world is about to open for you in massive ways. Yes, your college years have been an adventure and have prepared you for a whole new world of possibilities. On the other hand, the actual world is far greater and offers even more opportunities. 

Here are some reminders for you.


You don’t have to set your next steps in stone.


We believe that the minute we walk across the stage to get our diplomas will fulfill our expectations, hopes, and dreams when in reality, that’s not what actually happens. Is there a five-year strategy in place for you? That’s a waste of time. It is simply going to cause you pain. Instead, take one step at a time and let yourself live, free from the pressures of society.

You don’t get to be good at something on the first try.


It’s okay to fall short of the world’s expectations based on myths about human nature, design, and purpose. You were not born for your work, salary, or worldly things. You were born to live in a community with others, sharing your abilities, skills, and talents from a place of holistic wholeness. Anything or everyone who tells you otherwise is not for you. Even if it means being labeled a failure, walk away.


The world doesn’t own you.

You are a human with a beating heart, thoughts, information, and desiresa living being with senses. A paycheck or a list of achievements will not reduce you. I hope you don’t give in to becoming someone’s property. Keep yours and your friends’ humanity alive. We should avoid the rat race at all costs. Refuse to believe that your worth and identity are determined by your job, financial account, or possessions because you are living in a temporary state.

The rest of the world is waiting for you. Rise to every occasion with your hearts wide open, ready to change the world with one loving action and one kind thought at a time. Make the world a better place. It’s time for you to understand the experience and believe in your greatness.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you’ll have to compromise. Own your life and live with enthusiasm, knowing that you are not your work, income, or an item for sale I know you’re going to do so well out there.


Wishing you all the best,



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An Open Letter to a College Graduate

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