Cyberbacker: It’s Not Experience We’re Looking at, It’s Potential.


Traditionally, companies base their hiring decisions on competence, breaking down a role into a laundry list of required skills, and looking for applicants with experience that matches their wish list of desirable characteristics. However, the market is fast changing. It means that it’s increasingly difficult for businesses to find people who fulfill their requirements and, more crucially, who want to further their careers.

A company will frequently focus on an individual with the appropriate amount of experience when looking for talent, but looking at it alone will reduce the talent pool and make companies ignore an applicant’s potential. Furthermore, past success with another company does not guarantee your future success.

Cyberbacker promotes a culture of growth. They see to it that cyberbackers strive to enhance their professional skills daily and accept responsibility for improving the company and its operations. New hires must have the desire and resolve to grow both the company and themselves as expected. When Cyberbacker evaluates candidates, it is vital to consider where they are now, where they are heading, and how quickly they act on their growth.


There is no limit to the candidate pool to ensure they don’t overlook the best fit.

Cyberbacker doesn’t turn people down merely because they don’t meet the skill and experience level requirements set for an open position. The company simply doesn’t want to miss out on the perfect applicant. They strive to go beyond the obvious to ensure that they are passionate and enthusiastic about the company and that they would be an excellent cultural fit. Cyberbacker considers job descriptions carefully and looks for a specific level of experience for a purpose. 


Experience doesn’t equal performance.

Prior work experience does not always imply a specific level of accomplishment. It’s easy for someone to become stagnant and trapped in a rut after doing the same job or working in the same business for a long time. While some applicants have a lot of experience, they may have gone years without seeing any real change, outcomes, or personal improvement. Bringing substantial expertise to the table is fantastic. Suppose they’ve grown bored with their work and are no longer enthusiastic about it; they could bring that lack of enthusiasm to the organization. Cyberbacker is trying not to get involved with those kinds of individuals because this company is not just about adding value to your resume. They’re all about promoting a fun working experience where work doesn’t feel like work.


You can teach skills, but with attitude, you cannot.

There may be times when an applicant appears to be the ideal fit for a job and ticks all of your boxes. However, after they begin working and interacting with the rest of the team, it becomes clear that they are not a cultural match. It is undoubtedly possible to educate individuals on new hard skills like delivering a client presentation. It is, however, more difficult to educate someone on distinct personality qualities. If a person’s ideals clash with the company’s culture code or don’t get along with the lot, it comes at a cost to the entire team.

Cyberbacker has always considered a shift in mentality to assess potential. Some candidates may not check all boxes, resulting in a need to reduce the hiring threshold. However, this is not the same as lowering the standards of hiring requirements. Rather than waiting for the legendary cyberbacker with the best and most impressive qualifications, they’re willing to accept individuals with slightly less experience and who are teachable to learn the necessary skills. 

Cyberbacker determines applicant potential and looks at intangibles like grit, hustle, and tenacity. Looking for people who can become critical players within the organization is the company’s best approach to ensure they stay on track with their goals. Most importantly, the success of its people.


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Cyberbacker: It’s Not Experience We’re Looking at, It’s Potential.

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