Reflecting On Breakthroughs

Even without having to think too hard, the year as a whole is certain to have a mix of positive and negative characteristics, as well as some good and helpful lessons to be learned.

We could all agree that now is a good opportunity to set aside an hour or two to analyze and digest the previous twelve months, give yourself a clear and well-thought-out plan, and leap into the next with a clear strategy.

As Cyberbacker enters a new year, there will be no changes, just upgrades. This company has brought nothing but greatness to its people and the community. Welcoming 2022 is another chance to step up the game that was started. What we have going on here are sincere gratitude and the continued ability to produce wealth.

CYBERBACKER: A company that exists for the people

“One of the things Cyberbacker builds on is to hire people who have the strengths we need to better our company for them and become their very best,” says Cyberamo, Craig.

A strong statement accomplishes two purposes: clearly explaining the strategic goals and motivating your people are very powerful. Individually and together, these goals are critical. People are encouraged to accomplish work that is not only good and occasionally great but also achieves your stated goals when they understand and accept your company’s purpose.

Cyberbacker has always been transparent about its goals for the company, and this involves a high percentage of its plans for its people. The company’s well sought out ideas and how sincere its visions are relatable, and that is clearly why people in Cyberbacker grow with an intent to uphold a good principle of integrity and abiding by the company’s values. 

YOU: The best person for the job

Every start of the year we tend to ask ourselves to assess what kind of person we are now and how much we’ve accomplished. There are so many things to commit to or stop doing. But one thing is certain: this is the year you’ll devote your full attention to your work life.

Cyberbacker continuously encourages their people to stop limiting themselves to the person they are now. We know there are a lot of brilliant ones with a lot of potential who are reluctant to do new things with a fear of failing and who are uncomfortable and hesitant to approach new people or speak up. Here in Cyberbacker, we believe that everyone is equally gifted, and whether you choose to be the best version of yourself or live a normal existence, it all comes down to a matter of your decision and initiative. If you stop limiting yourself, you will see immediate changes in every aspect of your life.

“Decide who you want to be, because who you’ve been, is who YOU’VE BEEN. It’s up to you to determine if that’s who you want to be forever. And I hope you choose growth. I hope you’ll choose to be better. I hope you’ll go ahead and aspire to the best that’s within you.” –Craig Goodliffe.


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Reflecting On Breakthroughs

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