How Quiet Quitting is a non-issue for the people at Cyberbacker

How Quiet Quitting is a non-issue for the people at Cyberbacker

How Quiet Quitting is a non-issue for the people at Cyberbacker


Many organizations face a challenge to prevent employees from “quiet quitting” or fading away from their optimistic outlook with working at a company daily. Companies need to take proactive steps to address this issue to retain talented employees and maintain a positive work environment.


Cyberbacker is a company where its “people over profit.” They have been on top of the matter ever since it started growing in the number of cyberbackers and clients. For years since the company’s establishment, there has been a consistent increase versus the falling out. No company will ever be perfect, but the strong value Cyberbacker upholds with taking care of its employees has been evident in the virtual support industry up until today.


When [people] don’t feel valued, they don’t feel like they are making a difference and … they emotionally submit to being disengaged,” says Craig Goodliffe in an article by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


For Cyberbacker, there have been several practices they consider when taking care of its people and preventing them from “quiet quitting.” One effective solution Cyberbacker does is foster a strong company culture that values open communication and supports cyberbackers’ professional and personal growth. They have achieved this through regular one-on-one meetings between leaders and cyberbackers, opportunities for professional development, and a supportive and inclusive work environment. Cyberbacker constantly encourages its people to share their thoughts and concerns to help identify and address any issues that may be causing them to consider leaving.


Cyberbacker provides competitive compensation and benefits packages, which not only help attract new applicants but also help retain current cyberbackers. Regular salary reviews and the provision of additional benefits, such as health insurance and the profit-share program, can demonstrate a company’s commitment to its people and improve job satisfaction.


“Companies have to adapt and work with people to feel valued and feel like they are making an impact on a frequent basis while feeling like they have something to look forward to.” Craig Goodliffe on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce 


Improving the management and leadership style within a company also plays a role in preventing “quiet quitting” which Cyberbacker constantly works on. Encouraging a supportive and inclusive management style, providing opportunities for feedback, and addressing any concerns or complaints in a timely manner help cyberbackers feel valued and engaged in their work.


Preventing this issue requires a combination of proactive measures, including fostering a strong company culture, providing competitive compensation and benefits, and improving management. By addressing the root causes of why some may be considering leaving, companies can improve job satisfaction, reduce turnover, and create a positive work environment for their people.


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How Quiet Quitting is a non-issue for the people at Cyberbacker

How Quiet Quitting is a non-issue for the people at Cyberbacker

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