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Celebrations Beyond Work: Celebrating Cyberbacker

A wonderful feeling can come from celebrating a milestone such as an anniversary, a birthday, or when you first learned to ride a bike. It gets even better when someone else witnesses and acknowledges our accomplishments. This holds true at work as well. Celebrating accomplishments can promote self-esteem and motivation. Appreciation can also contribute to your company’s reputation, retention, and attraction of outstanding people.

The success of Cyberbacker is also measured by the number of accomplishments that the company’s people achieve daily. We emphasize workplace triumphs because they provide individuals with a sense of purpose, make them feel valued, and ultimately increase morale. We believe that milestone celebrations, both corporate and personal, should be used as opportunities for engagement. We don’t think of these things as bonuses because they’re tools for attracting and maintaining people.

“Being with the company for years has been fulfilling considering that I am remotely communicating with our global clients and leading a team while still being able to be with my children at the comforts of my home.” – Shiela Mie L., President of Cyberbacker

For years, Cyberbacker has always been a permanent work-from-home setup, and that will not change anytime soon. We were able to capture a sense of efficiency in people and utilize technology to be able to cope with modern times while looking after our people’s comfort and safety. This is just one of the ways how we celebrate the importance of each Cyberbacker who takes an active part in our community.

We celebrate people. We celebrate lives. 

That’s what we’re about here in Cyberbacker. And this 2022 is nothing but an addition to a progressive year for the company. With over 4,000 available jobs for 4,000 more Cyberbackers, we are ready to take on the challenge and handle more people, more families, create more opportunities, and cultivate growth.

“This time I would like to share this great opportunity with you. I congratulate everyone on another milestone because of your strong desire for a better chance at your career and life,” says Shiela, who is a valuable, caring voice of reason in a world that needs more of them. Encouragement from leaders like her in the company has always been one of the reasons why people choose to stay in Cyberbacker.

Celebrating accomplishments is a crucial component of developing and sustaining a successful, self-assured team, as well as improving your own self-confidence and making your company an awesome place to work.

In Cyberbacker, achievements are recognized in a variety of ways. We understand our team members’ motivations are crucial. We celebrate properly, fairly, and with a lasting impact in a way that the people will most likely feel appreciated. We care about celebrating small wins as much as big ones. A breakthrough of one is a breakthrough of all. We are one in Cyberbacker and we want you to be part of us.

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Celebrations Beyond Work: Celebrating Cyberbacker

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