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Cyberbacker CEO, Craig Goodliffe, and his insights on Personality Development

It may be tough to find time to reflect on who we are, our strengths and shortcomings, drives and personalities, habits, and values, given our hectic schedules. Furthermore, many of us are not inclined to devote much time to self-reflection. We’re not always open to personal input because honest feedback isn’t always flattering. As a result, many of us maintain a low sense of self-awareness. Most of us don’t get that self-awareness is the first step toward improving our abilities. Self-awareness can help us make better decisions and identify career and personal development opportunities.

Cyberbacker‘s CEO, Craig Goodliffe, shares his time with a good number of 884 participating audiences for this year’s Personality Development Training online held last March 17. He digs into a deep yet relatable discussion about personal growth as a lifelong endeavor, a method for people to evaluate their abilities and attributes, think about their life goals and set some to realize and maximize their potential.  

Here are most of the essential points during the talk that would help you out. Everything quoted here is from Craig’s words, and trust me when I say these will best suit your interest.


“Take responsibility for your life.”

People who accept full responsibility for their life feel happier and more in control. The first step is to admit that you are in charge. No one else has the authority to live your life on your behalf. Regardless of how much you attempt to blame others for your life’s events, each one is the outcome of decisions you’ve made and continue to make. Craig says, “Where you start life doesn’t turn where you end up. When you lie to yourself and say it’s not your fault, that’s when you give up your power. You see what a man’s mind believes and conceives it can achieve.”


“When in doubt. Write it out.”

Recognize and acknowledge the importance of having sufficient thinking time. Establish it as a fundamental value in your career and personal life. When you look back on your life, you want to say that you thought carefully and broadly about whatever issue and facet were essential to you. Craig tells us that one of the most powerful superpowers he’s ever developed is suggesting people sit down with a pen and paper on hand with a question in mind ready, then writing it across the top of the page and how they plan to do it. “It’s available to everyone because thinking is free,” he says.


“The questions you ask yourself ultimately will determine what kind of life you’d live.”

Examining yourself is beneficial. It’s a method of putting in the effort to understand yourself better. If you don’t know what you want in life, the first question you should ask is how you will see if you’re living the best life, or how you will know if you’re accomplishing everything you can in your lifetime, and if you don’t know the answers until now, keep asking. You stick with it, continue asking, and once you start to rip that out, remember you only have so many days in this lifetime; you won’t live forever.

Craig continues his talk with a better understanding of what Cyberbacker has to offer in terms of personal growth for the people in the company. Cyberbacker continues to assist its people unfailingly in identifying the skills needed to develop life objectives that will boost their confidence and lead to a more rewarding, higher-quality existence. The company helps to empower its cyberbackers in the future by making meaningful, positive, and productive life choices and decisions.


“We help achieve your highest and best trade.”

Cyberbacker has several people who earn over a million pesos a year consistently, and it’s the company’s goal to help them achieve their highest and best trade, “that’s what we do,” says Craig. Nobody can stop you from realizing your full potential; the challenge is for you to choose your dream, develop the skills to get there, and demonstrate character and leadership. Then you must have the fortitude to reassess, modify, and pursue a path that reflects your true self regularly. With that said, Craig has given us a formula for us to remember: POTENTIAL INTERACTION = INTERFERENCE. We live in a world of distraction. Our CEO reminds us, “When distraction rises, and it’s over your level of performance, your potential decreases, but when you minimize distractions, your performance goes up.”


“I’m not going to spend my life 100% working; I don’t think you should either.”

Maintaining a balance between life and work is vital for people’s health, relationships, productivity, and performance. If people don’t see work as a chore, they’ll work harder, make fewer mistakes, and be more likely to be more effective and efficient, which is substantially beneficial to the company.

Cyberbacker was built as a premise where you work hard for five years, and the company would fund your retirement-profit share program. “Come give us five years, live your best life, grow and be the best human being, and build up your retirement through profit share in those five years. If you look at it, you’ve probably had to work 10% of your life if you work hard and you work right, and 10% of your life is fair to go ahead and exchange for your work. Now, you’ve got the rest of your life, so go live it,” Craig firmly says.

Craig’s goal is freely expressed everywhere online, and what he ultimately wants for Cyberbacker is to create 15,000 jobs by December 31, 2025. He states, “Cyberbacker, on average, creates 1.6 jobs per day since the company started, and we’re looking to grow that number substantially. I don’t just want to create jobs so people can have a job they enjoy, working with someone they like so they can be a better person, but also for them to live their best lives possible and perform their best. I’m not capable of many things, but what I’m capable of is identifying who has the right character to be in business with and putting those people in a position of leadership.”

“At the end of my life, I could say that I was a job creator that went ahead and gave retirement to people and that made their goals come true.” – Craig Goodliffe, CEO of Cyberbacker

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Cyberbacker CEO, Craig Goodliffe, and his insights on Personality Development

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