Cyberbacker Jobs You Can Apply to When You Want to Leave the BPO Industry

It can be a simple decision to quit a job when dealing with an uncooperative team, a toxic business culture, or other challenging circumstances. Still, it may also not be as clear-cut in other cases. You’re in the BPO industry, maybe just starting a few months before turning a year old with the company, or you’ve been there for years. Nonetheless, the pandemic has made quite an impact on your work choices. 


Are you thinking about getting out of it and not having possible fallbacks after resigning? Don’t worry. Cyberbacker’s got you covered. We understand you have different preferences, and maybe you want to transition from a voice to a non-voice-based job. We can talk about other alternative careers you might desire. For now, we’ve prepared a list of openings we think are best suited for your BPO experience.

  • Inbound Sales Agents

An ISA should be the most familiar to you, considering some BPO companies cover sales. It is given that here you manage several phone calls and respond to them all while keeping high service quality and performance requirements, facilitating the sale of all services per the company’s and clients’ needs.

  • Productivity Backer

As a Productivity Backer, you need to be fully immersed in the business by studying, interviewing, and investigating prospects. They help give a detailed improvement, profit, and quality plan. From the name itself, a business needs to be productive. You are essential in driving the business to successful management, operation, strategy, and sales optimization.

  • Cyber Recruiter

Connecting with potential applicants and evaluating applications is what Cyber Recruiter does. Ultimately, you’ll oversee selecting skilled individuals while also ensuring a great candidate experience. Cyber Recruiter assists clients with mergers, prospective recruits, and follow-up leads to produce more income-generating contacts. 

  • Growthbacker 

A Growthbacker creates and implements a strategy to help the company attract and retain clients and discuss the team’s services. This entails obtaining information from the client and other departments inside the company, such as analytics, operations, and marketing, and using it to set growth goals and choose key performance indicators.

  • Growth Parsed Appointment Backer 

Coming from the name itself, what will be asked of you is a growth in numbers done from appointment setting, cold calling, lead tracking and follow-ups, and prospecting leads. As someone from the BPO company, your skills will be helpful in these kinds of tasks. You were trained to be persuasive and influential in delivering your statements. You can make use of them here.


Cyberbacker’s available jobs listed above have something in common with what is asked of you in the BPO industry. The only difference is that it’s a permanent work-from-home setup with us while earning in dollars. If you’re planning to exit that industry, make the most of what you can do but make sure you earn more. Choose Cyberbacker today, and we’ll ensure you don’t regret the transition!

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Cyberbacker Jobs You Can Apply to When You Want to Leave the BPO Industry

Related Posts

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