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Working From Home and Parenting: What it’s Like to be a Cyberbacker Dad


We live in a digital era. We don’t just have computers anymore. We also have mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and phones that are more capable than our original desktop computers. With fewer workers occupying space in an office building that needs to be lit, heated, air-conditioned, and supplied with water, it’s simple to stay connected. Many businesses are discovering that they can reduce their expenses. It permits people to perform at least a portion of their work remotely because so many jobs these days are performed primarily on computers. That entails spending time at home with the kids and having some free time to do laundry while continuing to work.

Cyberbacker has been doing a permanent work-from-home setup since 2018. We’ve been in the virtual industry even before the idea was hyped up due to the pandemic. Working from home and caring for their children has been an accessible balance for Cyberbacker dads.

Christian C., a Cyberbacker dad, speaks for every cyberbacker, that less family time and exhaustion at work are some of the challenges fathers face in the workplace. With Cyberbacker, “I get to spend time with my wife and son, and I’m able to do my hobbies and interests,” Christian shares.

A full-time job involves being a parent and raising a child. For working dads, juggling work and family may be challenging. Many of them desire to spend more time with their children and feel that their work affects their capacity to be good fathers. For some, ever since becoming a Cyberbacker dad, you’d get this guilt off your system because you’re there for your family and still provide well for them at the same time.

“Put everything on a calendar or any tools that can make it easy for you to access and better track schedules,” Christian advises. It’s always crucial at work to put distractions to a minimum because when it’s family time, it’s family time. To enable fathers to be the kind of parents they want, Cyberbacker supports dads in finding this balance. The company recognizes that being a dad is a full-time job, regardless of whether they work full-time or on shifts.

Even in the best circumstances, working full-time while raising a family has obstacles, including hectic schedules, cooking, cleaning, and transporting everyone to events and responsibilities. Cyberbacker parents who work from home juggle family obligations with work responsibilities and childcare needs in the same space.

These Cyberbacker dads are rocking it. We applaud them for maintaining a commitment to their jobs and spending quality time with their families. They continue to learn from their experiences working from home and keep memories made and will continue to make as they experience work-life balance with Cyberbacker.

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