Empowering Financial Wellness: Cyberbacker’s Comprehensive Program for Achieving Stability and Security

Empowering Financial Wellness: Cyberbacker’s Comprehensive Program for Achieving Stability and Security


“Living paycheck to paycheck impacts more than just your employees’ finances: it impacts their overall well-being. As an employer, you can help employees establish their financial health. Start by giving them a firm foundation of financial knowledge. When your employees learn the value of using money wisely, they can make intelligent financial decisions daily and understand how those small decisions affect their finances in the long run.” –Shiela Mie Empleo-Legaspi, President, Cyberbacker, as featured on


The importance of financial wellness has become increasingly recognized by companies worldwide. Financial wellness refers to an individual’s ability to manage finances and achieve financial security and stability. It has been shown that financial stress can significantly negatively impact an employee’s mental health and overall well-being, which in turn affects their productivity and job performance. As such, Cyberbacker, as a company that’s always a step ahead, has always been focused on providing financial wellness programs for its cyberbackers to improve their financial literacy and help them achieve financial stability.


Cyberbacker has made financial wellness a top priority for its cyberbackers. For years now, the company has recognized the importance of financial wellness and has implemented a comprehensive financial wellness program, profit sharing.


Shiela shares on, “financial wellness impacts the workplace. When financial stress keeps employees up at night, they bring those worries to the office each morning. However, employees in good financial shape are not thinking about basic necessities like groceries and electric bills during the workday. Improved financial health leads to a boost in productivity and performance, as well as less absenteeism and less of a healthcare burden for you as an employer.”


Cyberbacker recognizes the importance of providing financial incentives to encourage cyberbackers to improve their financial wellness. The company offers a range of financial incentives, including retirement savings plans, bonuses, and other financial benefits.


The financial wellness program at Cyberbacker has a comprehensive and effective way to support every cyberbacker’s financial well-being. The company is helping its people achieve financial stability and security by providing financial incentives and assistance when needed. This, in turn, leads to a happier, more productive workforce and helps the company achieve its business goals.


“As you help your employees become more successful through financial wellness programs, they will likely be more satisfied in their professional roles. For you, this leads to increased workplace morale and reduced turnover rates,” says Shiela.


Financial wellness is an increasingly important aspect of employee well-being. As Cyberbacker prioritizes financial wellness programs, they are likely to see significant benefits in terms of employee productivity and overall company success. 



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Empowering Financial Wellness: Cyberbacker’s Comprehensive Program for Achieving Stability and Security

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