Inside the Life of a First-Time Cyberbacker Mom

It may seem impossible to juggle work demands with your newborn. Like many other working parents, you may be surprised by the wave of emotions when your maternity leave ends. While you may be eager to return to work, you may also be unhappy and guilty about leaving your beautiful new baby with others and stressed about being needed at work and home. After all, balancing the demands of work and family is no easy task.

Many parents before you have not only felt these fears and frustrations, but they’ve also figured out how to manage the challenging post-baby return to work. It isn’t easy, to be sure, but planning and perseverance can be of great help.

Cyberbacker brings in not one but several good news for someone like Camille M., a first-time Cyberbacker mom who’s proud of this turning point in her life. “I feel grateful that she came at the perfect moment where I am already blessed with a job where I can be physically present at home and still earn to provide for my child,” she shares. “With this kind of setup, I can capture and celebrate every milestone she has, from her first smile, laugh, walk, etc. I am privileged to experience it thanks to Cyberbacker,” she adds.


As a first-time mother

After having her first child, Camille’s life changed drastically. She went from being afraid of becoming a mother to suddenly wanting to be the best one. “It seems like my world only revolves around her. She taught me to become selfless. There are a lot of exhausting moments, but all are worth it,” she says. Camille adds that she experiences sleepless nights for quite some time, but it only makes her tougher and more proud of herself as she gets to accomplish a lot as a mom for her daughter every day.


As a Cyberbacker mom

Celebrating motherhood from the child’s birth is special, but being with them every step of the way is something else. Camille does not consider being a first-time Cyberbacker mom a challenge but a blessing. She gets to experience beautiful moments with her child because of the work-from-home setup. Proper time and task management, a specialty of every cyberbacker, greatly helped during her adjustment period as she took the role of being a mom.

Camille became more confident about herself and that she could surpass all life’s challenges that may come her way. She is firmer and more mature with her decisions, and her goals have become more apparent, the goals that she set for herself and her family. Motherhood turns you into this selfless woman who thinks more of her child than herself, and this is why mothers deserve all the respect and love we could give. What they go through isn’t as simple as we think it is.

As a mom, you might wonder what it means to have it all at some point. Is it possible for a working woman to have a profession, a marriage, good health, happiness, and a good relationship with her kids all at the same time? The answer is so individualized and complicated that a universal solution seems impossible. However, from Camille’s perspective, as a full-time Cyberbacker and mother to her baby daughter, having it all is pretty tough. Still, nothing is impossible with the company’s available benefits and solid support for both personal and professional growth for Cyberbacker moms like her. If you’re looking for a sign to start your career with us, look no further! We value mothers as much as we do our cyberbackers.

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Inside the Life of a First-Time Cyberbacker Mom

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