Cyberbacker Moms on Balancing Career and Motherhood


The idea that women belong only at home has shifted continually across time. Women building a name for themselves is no longer news or surprising to the community. Working mothers who are successful in their careers while caring for their families are rising to the top. That is why it is only proper that they be honored this Women’s Month.

Motherhood is beautiful, but we know how difficult it can be to balance parenting and work. Many working moms feel they are facing a choice: should they continue working or become full-time mothers? It’s a challenging circumstance that many people don’t have direct answers to, but not until knowing Cyberbacker. The company is celebrating moms worldwide but most especially its Cyberbacker moms. 

In Cyberbacker, balance is the key to being effective at work and focusing on family. The company understands how critical it is for everyone to gain a better knowledge of the life of a working mother and give appropriate assistance on how to continue to meet the challenge of excelling in their profession while caring for their family.


A Balancing Act

Dorothy O., one of our loved Cyberbacker moms, shares that “Being a working mom is a balancing act. It will help if you find a way not to compromise your family and your work, and as a mother, you should find the best way to do both responsibilities as effectively as possible. While it is a fact that women should know their worth and try to excel in the workplace, you cannot do it at the expense of your family, most especially your children.” Indeed, the juggle is real. 

Finding the right balance is crucial for being a mother, especially for working moms. Rather than attempting to do everything, let go of unnecessary expectations, determine your priorities, and live in the now. Allowing yourself to be completely present at the moment will enable you to slow down and be more deliberate with the time you spend with your children. 

With Cyberbacker, all that mom guilt won’t be a problem since we make it easier for you to spend time with your families while also earning enough to provide for them comfortably and with no lost time because of commute. If your children need your attention, you can do it while working, all you have to do is excuse yourself from your work for a short period, and the company will surely be understanding enough to allow you with it. When an emergency arises at home, you can respond immediately rather than rushing home from work to deal with the situation.


Pointers from Cyberbacker Moms

Elyn L., another Cyberbacker mom, tells us that an important advice for mothers pursuing a career is to go for it! “We can be a CAREER WO-MOM, and it’s (being a career woman and a mom at the same time) possible here at Cyberbacker.” As for Dorothy, “YOU ARE A MOTHER. You cannot have a successful career if you will fail as a mother. It is most probable that there will be a time that both will need you at the same time, so what do you do? What will you choose? CHOOSE YOUR CHILDREN,” she advises.

“The best thing about being a Cyberbacker mom is it’s easier to have a work-life balance. Imagine a trapeze act. Cyberbacker is the balancing rod that helps you get through the daily challenges, both at home and at work. It does not limit you to do both responsibilities simultaneously,” Dorothy shares, and as for Elyn, “I get to spend more time with my baby, and of course, seeing her 24/7 means I will not miss any of her milestones,” she adds.

We help balance one’s family and work-life here in Cyberbacker. Cyberbacker moms can enjoy the most meaningful and satisfying lives while creating harmony between their profession and parenthood even with their hands full.

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Cyberbacker Moms on Balancing Career and Motherhood

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