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What You Need to Know About the Transition Hub

Do you want to work from home this 2023 but need the equipment to start? Then read on!


You would agree that when the pandemic hit, there were realizations and considerations, especially regarding family and jobs. Several people were laid off and given fewer hours, resulting in lesser compensation. It was the time when transitioning to working from home became a trend. With the lockdown going on, online work was the best choice and the only thing that could cover the expenses and needs of the people. But there has always been an issue with owning equipment and starting home-based jobs that Cyberbacker planned out. Now, it is being executed—the creation of the Transition Hub.


The Transition Hub, in collaboration with Cyberbacker, is a planned project of the company to cater to more Filipino applicants. Located at the center of Davao City, the Transition Hub initially opens and is accessible to Davaoeños, anyone near or living within the city.


The Goal

For 2023, the Transition Hub’s goal is to reach a total of 5,000 applications and to operate at its full capacity converting the applications to 100 successful cyberbackers. “I believe that the Transition Hub is beneficial to aspiring cyberbackers because even when you don’t have the means to purchase your device yet, it should not hinder you from jumpstarting your career, discovering great opportunities, and developing your full potential in reaching your goals.” —Carla R., Director, Transition Hub


The Accomplishment

Ever since the launch of the Transition Hub, it has made significant accomplishments that contributed to Cyberbacker’s goal of creating more jobs for the Filipino people. Carla says, “One of our recent accomplishments is that as of January 19, 2023, we successfully paired three cyberbackers with clients and are already starting their training.”


The Future

“This collaboration with Cyberbacker is the starting point for more Transition Hubs in the Philippines,” shares Carla, and that is something the company can assure the rest of the Philippines. The noise the Transition Hub is creating on social media has impacted many aspiring applicants and active job seekers to choose a work-from-home setup with Cyberbacker.


With the intention of providing an avenue for Cyberbacker applicants with no access to their own equipment, the Transition Hub allows you to work there for 90 days or three months to save up and buy your own device so you can transition to working from home. Also, the highlight of the Transition Hub is seeing Davao city’s skyline. You’d definitely want to consider working with a view.


Transition Hub deets

The Transition Hub is open from Mondays to Fridays, 5 PM-6 AM Manila, and is located at #152, 15th Floor, Landco Corp Bldg. JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. All you need to prepare is a copy of your online resume and yourself!

Take this as a sign. Start and apply now!

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