Get your phones ready for your initial interview with Cyberbacker!

You probably are here and intrigued because this time Cyberbacker allows the use of mobile phones but only for your initial interviews. 


Together with the collaboration with the Transition Hub, Cyberbacker looks into the dilemmas of applicants and has come up with a solution. For starters, you probably don’t have the required equipment and who also is not in Davao for the Transition Hub, but is eager to start your Cyberbacker application. Now, your mobiles are your best friends for your initial interview.


Here are some of the things to remember for your mobile phone initial interview:


  • Make sure your phone has enough battery before the interview.

You must charge your phone and save the battery before your initial interview. You wouldn’t want your phone to shut down and cut you off in the middle of introducing yourself and leaving the interviewer hanging. Of course, he wouldn’t be able to fill in the blanks after that.


  • Find a quiet and well-lit location for the interview.

Not all are probably well versed in Zoom’s features using their mobile phones. Honestly, the app isn’t as easy to navigate as it is on laptops and desktops. So, to make sure you’re ready, find an area that’s quiet and where you can speak freely. Also, make sure you have a clean background with good lighting.


  • Use a headset or earphones with a microphone for better audio quality.

You don’t necessarily need a high-end audio device for your mobile phone initial interview as long as you are audible and provided that you will be attending your final interview using equipment with Cyberbacker’s required specifications. 


  • Test your internet connection and make sure it is stable before the interview.

It’s a given that you ensure you have a stable internet connection. You are applying for an online-based job, which entails an expectation of uninterrupted internet connectivity, especially for the initial interview.


  • Look directly at the camera when answering, not on the screen, to maintain eye contact with the interviewer.

Eye contact is important for creating a positive social impression. Our eyes are the facial feature that expresses us the most. Their ability to convey a variety of social cues and emotions can significantly impact how they interact with others, and in this case, with your Cyberbacker interviewer.


  • Dress professionally and have your resume and all relevant materials ready.

Just because the application is done online, doesn’t mean there’s no need for you to look your best. Make a good first impression, even if it only means fixing yourself in areas where the camera sees you. Also, be ready with well-researched information about Cyberbacker. It’s definitely impressive that you know what you’re getting yourself into.


  • Be prepared to answer common interview questions and have examples of your skills and experiences ready.

The Cyberbacker interviews are pretty chill. Based on the majority of the applicants’ feedback, interviewers in the company are very accommodating and will make sure to set a light mood for you. You just need to be ready for the possible basic questions. Then, write or mentally list down the contributing factors for you to be considered for the position. 


  • Be punctual and join the call on time.

This is another first impression you wouldn’t want to ruin. Punctuality is not every Filipino’s best trait, but it is for every cyberbacker. So, be on time!


  • Give your full attention during the interview and avoid multitasking or any kind of distraction.

Make sure that when you’re in Zoom, you are in the zone. Be attentive to the interviewer and stay focused.


Now that you are given a more convenient way to start your Cyberbacker journey, it’s time for you to take it. Ready your phones! Cyberbacker is waiting.


For more information, read our FAQ’s.

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Get your phones ready for your initial interview with Cyberbacker!

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