How Cyberbacker Helped Moms Get Through the Struggles of the Pandemic

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, especially working mothers, because they must balance their job, personal, and family obligations. With education systems becoming increasingly virtual, several working mothers are considering quitting their jobs to stay home with their children and start working from home. During this pandemic, they’re also attempting to manage their mom-guilt and maybe take a small 5-minute break to themselves.

For Cyberbacker moms like Armi F., the pandemic was a blessing in disguise. She was a student who used to study by day and worked as a part-time ESL teacher by night. Before Cyberbacker, she takes her daughter with her anywhere she goes, including school. It was challenging and exhausting for her, but when the pandemic happened and classes started transitioning online, she felt like she was rewarded with the luxury of time. That was when she decided to apply for a full-time job at Cyberbacker. “Working as a cyberbacker allowed me to juggle things all at once while being present in my child’s crucial years of growth,” she shares.


A great support system.

Cyberbacker is your family, and leaning on them can be helpful. Notice that when you start asking for help, the more acquaintances and coworkers you meet, you eventually make unexpected friendships. In Cyberbacker, it’s not hard to foster relationships because upon entering the community, it is a given that you are culture-fit to be in this company. One reason why it’s easier to relate to each other.


Work-Life Balance.

Discovering Cyberbacker in this pandemic is an answered prayer for most moms like Armi. Parents, especially single parents, wish to be there for their children all the time, but not all can do that because they have to leave their homes to earn money. “Cyberbacker made that wish happen for me. Now that I am with the company, I never have to worry about not being there when my child needs me,” says Armi.


PROs not only for you but your family too.

Cyberbacker is known to value its people and their families. What’s particularly fascinating about being in the company is how its people’s perks transcend beyond the real Cyberbacker benefit and the company walls. 

Being a mother can feel like being on a roller coaster sometimes, but it is the most amazing ride on the planet. For a long time, the world has expected parents to work full-time and raise their children without any support. It was brought to everyone’s attention by the pandemic.

Cyberbacker has been providing the best solutions since 2018 to help balance out time for family and work while earning more than enough to provide well regardless of the situation, like the pandemic itself.

Armi says, “It’s the fact that I get to watch my daughter grow, provide for her needs, and give her experiences not everyone could have. Even as a single parent, I get to earn and save money for my child without sacrificing my presence in her growing years.” You can be cyberbacker mom today, and like Armi, make it the best decision you ever make for yourself and your family. This is the sign to take that leap of faith and be the career woMOM you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

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How Cyberbacker Helped Moms Get Through the Struggles of the Pandemic

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